Calabrian Wedding Planners can help you plan your wedding in the most beautiful Italian and Calabrian locations. Just to give you an idea, you will find a short description of some of them, but you can also point out a village, a small town or a place particularly important for you and we will arrange your ceremony there.


Italy is the country of music, art, beauty but it is mainly the country of love. You can breathe its romantic atmosphere simply by walking through the streets of its wonderful cities or looking at one of its stunning landscapes.


Calabria is the land of a thousand faces, where vineyards, chestnut trees, fig trees and olive groves are clinging to steep slopes and where the sea breaks against the rocks and the shores of its diversified coastline.
It is a land rich in myths and legends, halt place for Ulysses and Hercules, populated by nymphs and heroes, homeland of philosophers and athletes, loved by illustrious poets and writers. Its glorious past is still reflected by its magnificent castles, ancient watching towers, archaeological sites, fortified villages and old monasteries.
Its blended colours can be seen in its inhabitants’ eyes, in its traditions and its customs and usages.
Its small town and villages scattered along the coastline and hidden between the mountains will be the ideal setting for your exclusive wedding.